Why Hiring a Fashion Consultant is Priority One

You either already know you need the assistance of a fashion designer, or you are looking for a reason to hire one. This fashion consultant, also called an image consultant, can start by providing you a look at upcoming fashion trends, and the fad’s you should not follow.

If you want to make a good impression on your next job interview or your new position at the office, a fashion consultant is who most turn to. Interviewing can be a stressful time and what is most amazing, is that you could spend a significant amount of time interviewing when your first impression was a bit shabby. Statistics indicate that the first 30-45 seconds is crucial when in first contact with someone. If you are well dressed, you are going to make a better, first impression. For the office, being better dressed will convey confidence, and no one needs more confidence than your office staff.

When dressing for the office, is it critical that you dress accordingly. If you are in the advertising, marketing, or clothing industry, dressing trendy will be your goal. However, if your environment is more professional, then you will need to be more conservative, not flashy. This is where a fashion consultant can point you in the right direction.

If you are the traveling type, or simply required to entertain clients and other guests, there are a number of different situational dress periods. A fashion consultant will help you pick out what is best for casual wear, business meet-and-greets. When traveling, you will also need assistance in what to pack and how, and what the customary dress code is in certain regions.

Another example of a perfect situation for a fashion consultant is in planning your wedding, or other special occasion. It is unfortunate, but most think hiring an image, or fashion, consultant is a long-term, or permanent placement. this is not the case. Whether it be for a one-time make-over, situational job-related fashion coordination, or a special occasion, they can be hired for the event, even if it is maybe the simple task of helping discover a great evening gown.

Many may think this is unnecessary or too expensive. If we go back to the job interview where your next paycheck is on the line, you understand how hiring a fashion consultant would be most beneficial. This helps you focus on the moment, and not whether or not you are properly dressed.

Small Business Fertile Ground For Internet Marketing Consulting

Just about everyone, from the neighborhood pub to Fortune 500 companies, has a Web site these days. All Web sites are not created equal, however, and smaller operations generally don’t have the budget or expertise to create the Web sites that make money.

That’s where you come in.

By starting an Internet marketing consulting business, you can tap into a potential gold mine by doing small business Internet consulting. While just about every business can benefit from having a Web site, they can benefit even more by having a good Web site — one that’s attractive, easy to navigate, reliable… and actually makes sales! It’s not a hard game to get into, all you need is a basic understanding of marketing and a few Web site building skills.

The truth of the matter is that online searches are becoming the preferred method for customers to select where they’re going to eat, get their oil changed, buy some flowers for their significant other, and every other conceivable service. Establishing a strong Web presence is vital for the survival and growth of just about any business, so there’s a fantastic amount of profit to be made in small business internet consulting.

Online marketing presents an incredible opportunity for small business, as it’s cheaper and more effective than traditional forms of advertising.

A giant untapped market

There are millions of small businesses around the world, creating a vast market for for professionals skilled at writing, graphic design and Web site creation and maintenance. Maintenance is a key word in the Internet marketing game, because by creating an ongoing demand for your services, you can create recurring income that can help propel your business to long-term prosperity. There currently aren’t many Internet marketing consulting firms out there, so there’s a tremendous opportunity out there for those who are bold and quick.

Find a mentor

The great thing about internet marketing consulting is that it’s a new frontier. There’s no formalized training or school you have to complete. The only requirement is competence and moxie. The best way to get in the game is to find an established web marketing consulting professional and have him or her mentor you and help you attain the skills you need to be a successful online marketing consultant. Use Google to check your potential mentor’s credentials, and if he or she checks out get onboard and get ready to make some money.

The Independent Computer Consultant – How to Get Paid on Time, All the Time

One of the biggest challenges faced by an Independent Computer Consultant when starting a computer consulting business, would be receiving payment on time for services rendered.

In the small business market, it is usually expected that charges are invoiced on a monthly basis for all services provided during the previous month.

Now you may be a very responsible computer consultant, and consistently mail all of your invoices out on the first of the month. But that doesn’t mean your clients will be putting a check in the mail to you on the 2nd.

As a small business owner yourself, you’re going to have financial responsibilities of your own that you’ll be required to meet on a regular basis. Regardless of how hard you work to make sure that your receivables are sufficient for meeting your expenses, it won’t do you any good if your invoice for that hard work winds up sitting in your client’s “to be paid” box, for weeks or even months.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple solution for making sure that you receive payment for your services ON THE VERY SAME DAY YOU GENERATE YOUR INVOICE.

A Factoring Company can purchase your receivables.

Once a month, or more frequently if you wish, you can email or fax a copy of each of your invoices directly to your factoring company. On the same day, the factoring company will deposit up to 85% or more of the total amount of your invoices directly into your bank account.

Then, once your client delivers payment to your factoring company, you will receive the remaining 15% of your invoice, minus the fee charged by the factoring company. The fees will vary depending on when payment was received. Fees can range from between 1.2% for payments received within 30 days to 1.6% for invoices left outstanding for longer than 90 days.

I believe these fees are well justified, just so I could know at the start of each month, EXACTLY how much money I’ll be receiving and EXACTLY on what date!

It’s also great not having to deal with making collection calls.

If a client is slow in paying an invoice, the factoring company acts on your behalf as your outsourced “receivables department”. They will make the initial collection attempts, and they will typically do it in a very professional and effective manner.

If an invoice ultimately goes unpaid, it becomes the responsibility of the computer consultant to repurchase the invoice from the factoring company and find a resolution with the client independently.

Another great benefit of factoring receivables is the ability to generate additional income outside of the regular, monthly billing cycle.

For my small business clients, my primary service is a Proactive Maintenance Plan, for which I charge a flat, monthly fee. For this fee, I provide round-the-clock network monitoring and remote computer support. These receivables are generally invoiced for and collected on or around the first of each month.

But very often, I’ll make recommendations for new projects that won’t fall under the scope of the regular, monthly maintenance plan. For example, installing a new firewall.

This project would be billed in addition to the regular, flat monthly fee. If installation of the firewall is completed to the client’s satisfaction on the 15th of the month, an invoice for the project can be created on the 15th, submitted to the factoring company, and be funded to my bank account all on the same day.

Having consistent and reliable cash-flow is critical to the survival and growth of any business. Especially to a computer consultant who’s just starting out, without substantial capital sitting in the bank. Factoring receivables can provide the financial stability necessary when you start a computer consulting business of your own as an Independent Computer Consultant.

Internet Marketing Consulting – Zero Setup Costs

Getting into internet marketing consulting is one of the most inexpensive online businesses to set up. It is something that you can do part-time initially, but always approach it as a business.

Consultants are able to run their businesses from home, working the hours they want. It is a profession that does not discriminate on age, sex or race, and it does not require a college degree. (Indeed formal educational institutions cannot offer such training because the need to be up to date defeats their tutors’ ability to keep up!)

So how attractive would it be for you to work from home, avoid the rat-race, traffic gridlock, not have a boss breathing down your neck – being your own boss? Does the thought of working for as many hours as you choose, having time to take your kids to and from school and helping other businesses profit appeal to you?

What is involved?

The simple answer to this question is: as much or as little as you like. You see, you can choose to offer whatever services you like. If you don’t know how to do a particular task, you outsource it. If you only want to offer one service, e.g. search engine optimization, PPC management, or content writing, then that’s all you need to do.

Residual income

One of the most lucrative aspects of internet marketing consulting is that you earn ongoing fees from your clients. Of course, you can bring a business online and leave them to it if you choose. However, the money is in managing the sites on an ongoing basis, for a monthly fee. This will usually include providing the hosting service, content and adjustments to their search engine optimization.

What you charge per month will be relative to the size of the business (what they can afford basically!) and the amount of time you will need to spend on it each month (it’s usually hours rather than days).

The best part is these ongoing services can be outsourced, with others doing the work and you simply collecting a commission for managing the project.

Find your customers

This is the easiest part – walk down your high street or through your shopping mall. Take note of all of the bricks and mortar businesses that would benefit by having a wider customer base. Could your lumber yard, lawyer or realtor do with more business? They will certainly get it by having an online presence.

Get good training

Perhaps the only expense in setting up your consulting business will be the investment in training – and good training will pay for itself with your first client. So find from someone with proven internet marketing consulting success, and follow their lead.